Purpose Driven Life

God force energy within me uses my talents so that I can assist the planet with growth, facilitate healing in myself and other people, and raise the vibration of everything that comes into contact […]

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Master Manifestor

Every point of consciousness is in alignment to assist me so that I can expand to the highest version of me. I have an intuitive instinctive awareness where I stand in my environment and […]

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Choose with Clarity

I am appreciating the contrast in my life because it opens the possibilities up for me to make very specific choices with clarity. What I am wanting is a continually evolving experience and I […]

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Turn impossible into I’m Possible

I do not want to limit my life to finite possibilities as I believe in the infinite, however, I will set goals that sound finite knowing clearly that I am open to the infinite […]

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Ask and it is GIVEN

I have an inner emotional guidance system that is keen ~ and chimes within me with clarity so that I always know which choices are the best ones for me. I attract people, places […]

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FLOW Intention Statement

I am enjoying the evolution of my desires and I appreciate the contrast that produces the desire to be focused within me. I am joyful for all the possibilities of fulfilled and unfulfilled desires […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day ladies! My mom Maureen was ahead of her time as a model before she married my dad Nev. Everyone called her Moe, and together they were Nev & Moe. She was […]

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New Scientific Theory Explains the SOUL

Did you know that your life NOW determines much of what is next for you? Every choice you make has potential to change everything. Not only do you receive information, but all your thoughts […]

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Scientific PROOF we can Heal Ourselves

Do you want evidence based PROOF that we can heal cancer, heart disease, and a broken heart? I know you aren’t reading the Peer Reviewed Medical Journals, but I am. I can tell you […]

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Intuition and Telepathy

The quality of your life is determined by the questions you ask, so let’s ask some provocative questions:

Do you experience Deja Vu and Telepathy?
Do messages come to you in your dreams?
Is your Higher Consciousness […]

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Dirty Talk

What are you wearing right now? Hahaha … What hidden belief do you keep as a secret? What story – from your upbringing, do you protect because if anyone knew the TRUTH about you, […]

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What important idea do very few people agree with you?

I read a book called, “Zero to One,” by Peter Thiel with Blake Masters, all about building the future. Peter Thiel is the person who started PayPal in 1998, led it as CEO, and […]

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