The WOW Talks invites women speakers who regularly attend local WOW events with a message to share. Contact us at to learn how to get involved with our Women of Wellness community.

 Requirements of Speakers:

  • Speakers agree to promote to YOUR list:

    • 1-2 solo emails to your community

      • Email #1 two weeks prior, and Email #2 one week prior

    • Social media promotion –  on all sites you’re active on 1-2 weeks prior to the event date

  • If you want to make an offer at the event you’re speaking, we ask:

    • You share with us what offer you are making to the group

    • Continue to participate with WOW by attending future monthly groups

    • Be visible at our ongoing WOW conferences each year as a valued WOW speaker

  • If you are offering a free gift during our Raffle, we ask:

    • You share with us what you plan to offer

    • Bring a beautifully wrapped gift or certificate to be Raffled after your talk

 Benefits to Speakers:

  • All speakers are visible on our WOW social media 1-2 weeks prior to your talk

  • Speakers are invited back when they demonstrate regular participation

  • We embrace all our WOW speakers as a valued community member forever
  • The most popular speakers are invited to speak at our Annual WOW Conferences