The WOW Talks Conference Speakers, September 2012

Dr. Carol Banyas, MD
Getting Off Anti-Depressents

Dr. Lissa Rankin, MD
Pink Medicine Revolution

Dr. Leslie Hewitt, DC
Key Note

Dr. Marcey Shapiro, MD
Nature of Health

Dr. Grace Syn, DC
Unleash Your Personal Greatness

Dr. Kerry Keiser, DC
The Spinal Truth

Dr. Lani Simpson, DC
Down To The Bone

Dr. Pat Gayman, DC
Change Your Choices

Dr. Patty Ribley, DC
Healing Through Transformation

Dr. Elizabeth Wisniewski, DC
Turning Challenges Into Assets

Dr. Kristine Hicks, DC
Informed Choices About Vaccinations

Lynn Keller
ADD/ADHD Scientific Testing

Suzy Carroll, NC
Using Your Life’s Experiences

Dr. Lynne Sullivan, DC
Balancing A Busy Life

Bonita Banducci
The Brilliance Of Women

Jan Robinson
Health/Beauty Benefits of Tantric Sex

Andrea Brown
The Wellness Intervention

Christine Hardy
Stress and Nutrition

Zoe Fry
Generosity For Health & Happiness

Lisa Smith
Ceremony To Sacred Space

Shelley Bergbower
Be Your Own Advocate

Klaudeen Shemirani
Ceremony To Our Highest Purpose

Naomi Tickle
The Answers Are In Your Face

Amrita Cottrell
Healing with Crystal Bowls

Kim Goreham
Conference MC Goddess

Tonya Ridgely
Taking Risks With Music & Art

Dr. Martha Nessler, DC
Conference MC Goddess