The WOW Talks Conference Speakers, July 2013

Dr. Jacqueline Chan, DO
Hormonal Health

Christine Rosche
The Gut-Brain Connection

Dr. Leslie Hewitt, DC
Key Note: What’s Next?

Rita Harrison
A Return to Wholeness

Mina Grace Drake
The Healing Power of Beauty

Ana Marie Sanchez
Infuse Your Life With Purpose

Sarah Marshall
Feminine Leadership

Marta Maria Marraccini
The Power of YOU

Elliotte Mao
Tai Chi For Women

Kim Miller-Herson
5 Steps to Supercharged Productivity

Linda Benn
Increase Your Energy

Judy Lloyd
Women in Politics

Shannon Silva
MC Extraordinaire

Naomi Tickle
Your Face Gives You Away

Alice Kwong-VanDusen
MC Improv Goddess


Tonya Ridgely
Sacred Cathedral Music Ceremony