Featured Speaker

Dr. Leslie Hewitt, DC

Join The WOW Talks CEO and Founder for the event’s welcoming celebration and keynote presentation. Stop wandering and live a life of joy!

Dr. Hewitt has based her life’s work around a few powerful principles. Through her events, her practice, her writings and through a life of example, Dr. Hewitt shares the philosophy of the mind-body-spirit connection, and reminds us all that healing is an INSIDE job. “We have an amazing, innate power to heal ourselves – bodies, minds and spirit!”
CEO and Founder of The WOW Talks and The WOW Talks LIVE, Dr. Hewitt brings her concerns about women’s healthcare choices to the forefronts of our communities. The WOW Talks LIVE events reveal her commitment to fuel community and national change in the healthcare industry as she uses her unique energy to facilitate the co-creative efforts of other doctors and practitioners discouraged with the current sick care system. Dr. Hewitt continues to collaborate with like-minded healthcare providers, politicians, and healers in developing creative ways to inspire men and women across the planet. Dr. Hewitt is the sole owner of Anatomy Power Wellness Studio in Danville, CA, and continues to change people’s lives in her concierge chiropractic practice.

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