I have an inner emotional guidance system that is keen ~ and chimes within me with clarity so that I always know which choices are the best ones for me. I attract people, places and events that are magnificent and align with my authentic self. Every time I have a thought it is a “Done Deal” and I trust this process. My powerful focused moment of “Now” always manifests! When I ask it is given every single time! My signal is pure and clear and comes from abundance and prosperity. I get to choose whatever I want and I am the creator of my reality. I am in energetic balance with my Source, my body, my thoughts, my health, my purpose, my gifts, money, financial freedom, free time, playful experiences, and all my relationships. I reach for better feeling thoughts in all situations because I know that what I focus on expands. I realize the power that I have in every moment. I always go in the direction of what feels good because I am in total connection with my Source and make loving choices for the highest good. I know that my ultimate joy only comes when I am a perfect match to who I really am. I feel life-giving qualities when I am growing and I enjoy the variety of all my emotions, creations, and situations.