The quality of your life is determined by the questions you ask, so let’s ask some provocative questions:

  • Do you experience Deja Vu and Telepathy?
  • Do messages come to you in your dreams?
  • Is your Higher Consciousness receiving numbers, messages, ideas, code, or images?
  • Are you an intuitive healer and your inner calling is dominating your daily thoughts?
  • Is your psychic sense telling you that something BIG is about to happen and YOU are part of it?
  • Do you download information and wonder what to do with it?
  • Are you ready to share this information?

I could go on with these questions. I want to remind you that I am feeling it too. We live in a remarkable time and there is something happening, right? At The WOW Talks we are calling it in so that we can share that Inner Spirit, Higher Consciousness, Telepathic Moments, Dreams, and the meaning of it ALL. Where do we start?