Did you know that your life NOW determines much of what is next for you? Every choice you make has potential to change everything. Not only do you receive information, but all your thoughts contribute to the outcome of everything. All I ask is that you do your best to make most of your thoughts from a place of LOVE. The scientific research is saying that LOVE is the primary ingredient responsible for the BEST outcomes.

Remember that you cannot be in [fear and love] at the same time. If you have any fear, dis-empowerment, guilt, remorse, anger, or resentment – you have separated from the BEST part of you. I want to remind you HERE that the best part of you is LOVE. If you are so stressed that you experience overwhelment, then you are pinching off love. It’s time to find the homeostasis and balance in your life so that you have moments to share, to reflect, and to LOVE your life.