Do you want evidence based PROOF that we can heal cancer, heart disease, and a broken heart? I know you aren’t reading the Peer Reviewed Medical Journals, but I am. I can tell you that the most prestigious medical reports are sharing the evidence, the science, and the research. Here’s the CRAZY thing you need to know – much of this research validates diet, exercise, nutrition, happiness, good relationships, less stress, and holistically statistically proven methods that never reach the news or mainstream media. Why? Are you ready?

Follow the money! Oh and follow the patent. Who are the biggest lobbyists in the USA? You guessed it. The Pharmaceutical Industry, Insurance Companies and yup you guessed it – the most horrible genetic engineering GMO company (I won’t mention their name but it starts with “M”). Did you know that the BEST medical schools in our country receive trillions of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry. I didn’t say millions or billions – I said trillions. I’m not saying MD’s are bad. They too are caught in this corrupt system.

Trillions of dollars are given to universities and colleges to produce research to support the use of medications – I like to call them DRUGS. I am not saying there isn’t a time and place for medications, surgery, and the medical model. In fact, great medical advances are developed, and hospitals are the place to go when there is a critical, catastrophic or crisis event. However, have you noticed all the drug commercials on TV? All I am saying is BUYER BEWARE. Get informed and I can absolutely guarantee you will when you join WOW, attend a WOW Chapter, and listen to the stories being shared in sacred spaces.