Happy Mother’s Day ladies! My mom Maureen was ahead of her time as a model before she married my dad Nev. Everyone called her Moe, and together they were Nev & Moe. She was my biggest fan & I was her wild daughter who asked for a black bedroom at the age of 13. I came home from school to a furry black bedspread, psychedelic wallpaper, a brand new kick ass stereo, and a KISS album. Let the sleepovers begin – we are rocking out girls! And never again was our house quiet. Happy Mother’s Day Moe! She died after being given a pharmaceutical drug – I got the call when I was in 1st Quarter at Life Chiropractic College West in 1996. That launched my life PURPOSE & WOW women of wellness. WOW is MOM upside down. Hugs from Leslie, Mama WOW & CEO xoxo