What are you wearing right now? Hahaha … What hidden belief do you keep as a secret? What story – from your upbringing, do you protect because if anyone knew the TRUTH about you, you would die? What memory do you have – that repeats in your head like a broken record and keeps you down? Or perhaps you have it so deeply hidden in your cellular memory that it is expressing through illness, weight gain, body pain, lack of sleep, or lack of self-esteem.

Let’s pop that bubble within your cellular memory now! I want to remind you that being here on Mother Earth is all about YOUR physical life – and yes, that means the good, the bad, and the ugly. The WOW Talks wants to dive deeply into the thing you keep a BIG SECRET.

I want to give you the platform to share in a sacred community for the purpose of healing. I know the way we as women, are going to raise the vibration of the Planet, is first we must get to the WELLNESS within us. And that means we need to pop those bubbles of belief that diminish our expression.