I am enjoying the evolution of my desires and I appreciate the contrast that produces the desire to be focused within me. I am joyful for all the possibilities of fulfilled and unfulfilled desires and I accept the eternal incompletion of “ME”. I am a leading edge genius creator having leading edge experiences with newly focused desires within me that manifest in perfect timing. It feels like I am in the “FLOW” as if taking my canoe with the water’s current as opposed to paddling upstream. I am quick at getting up to speed with my own desires and I release any resistance as I create new leading edge ideas. I am in close proximity to all my desires that are in vibrational escrow. It is my default mode to find delight in the contrast because I trust that the growth and unfolding is part of my natural journey. I move forward to things that thrill me, stimulate me positively, fulfill my deepest needs and wants, and I am a perfect match for my choices.