WOW Conversations

February 25, 2014

Featuring Dr. Leslie Hewitt &
Special Guest Eric Lofholm

This week’s call features Dr. Hewitt and her special guest, Eric Lofholm as they share more about the selling mindset.
   –>   The ease of overcoming the resistance to sales
   –>   Some key points of the sales system
   –>   Tips on how to close more sales
   –>   How to sell in a collaborative way

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Eric’s world-class sales training programs have inspired many of America’s top companies to train, motivate, and inspire their sales teams. Anthony Robbins even turned to Eric to increase his sales results, and Eric’s other clients have thrived with the addition of millions of dollars in sales after training with his company. Eric’s energetic and groundbreaking seminars have catapulted hundreds of individuals to financial success. To learn more about Eric’s new selling magazine, visit

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